Pallet Racking is any workspace’s best friend. GO UP, NOT OUT!

Designed as a storage system for the handling of materials on pallets or skids. All pallet racking allows for the storage of palletised goods in horizontal rows with multiple levels.

Powdercoated Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is an essential product for any well organised warehouse, workshop or storeroom. It is a system that is designed for the storage of palletised goods, allowing fast and effective handling of products stored.

Pallet Racking is also often used in many applications as large heavy duty shelving. Incorporate our wire mesh decking or timber shelves seen further below.( Pg 20 ) for this effective option.


Height x DepthCapacityPriceProduct Code
914mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPREF914
1829mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPREF1829
2438mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPREF2438
3048mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPREF3048
3658mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPREF3658
4267mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPREF4267
4877mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPREF4877
5791mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPREF5791

DescriptionCapacityPriceProduct Code
1372mm internal span2800kgPOAPRB1372
1524mm internal span2400kgPOAPRB1524
2133mm internal span2400kgPOAPRB2133
2591mm internal span2000kgPOAPRB2591
2591mm internal span HD*2800kgPOAPRB2591HD
2743mm internal span2000kgPOAPRB2743
2743mm internal span HD*2750kgPOAPRB2743HD
3048mm internal span2100kgPOAPRB3048
3350mm internal span2000kgPOAPRB3350
3810mm internal span2200kgPOAPRB3810

Powdercoated Pallet Racking

Hot Dipped Galvanised Pallet Racking

Galvanised Pallet Racking is a perfect option for the storage of goods in exposed environments. Designed to withstand harsh elements to aid in the prevention of rust.

Galvanised Pallet Racking may be the right solution for you in the following applications; refridgerator or freezer, outdoor garden use, outdoor storage.


Height x DepthCapacityPriceProduct Code
2438mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPRGEF2438
3048mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPRGEF3048
3658mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPRGEF3658
4267mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPRGEF3658
4877mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPRGEF4877
6096mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPRGEF6096
7315mm h x 838mm9000kgPOAPRGEF7315

Description LengthCapacityPriceProduct Code
1372mm internal span2485kgPOAPRGB1372
1524mm internal span2485kgPOAPRGB3048
2591mm internal span2200kgPOAPRGB2591
2591mm internal span *HD3400kgPOAPRGB2591HD
2743mm internal span3000kgPOAPRGB2743

Hot Dipped Galvanised Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Accessories

Collapsable Cages


Stackable Stillages


Mesh Panel


Fork Entry Bars


Upright Corner Protector


Timber Support Bars


Safety Connectors


Fall Barrier Mesh



Collapsible Cage Small 1000 W x 800 D x 800mm H**$229CCSMStackable and perfect for firewood, scrap metal, sports equipment and more. **Small cage not suitable for pallet racking.
Collapsible Cage Large 1150 W x 1150 D x 890mm H$298CCLGPerfect for firewood, scrap metal, sports equipment and more. A perfect fit on pallet racking and stackable.
Stackable Stillages$299SSDesigned to store long awkward objects for easy transport. Stackable to maximise verticle space.
Mesh Panel 1295 X 840mm (1250 kg)$59PRWMPCommonly used as a safety measure for storage of goods on non-standard pallets
Fork Entry Bars$35PRFEBIdeal for faster and safer loading of unpalletised items
U Shaped Protector$45PRUCPInstalled at the base of exposed pallet racking uprights to protect the part most susceptible to forklift damage.
Timber Support Bars$12PRSBProvides additional strength and stability when used as a shelf for non-pallatised goods.
Safety Connectors (4 pin Dexion)$12PRSC
Fall Barrier Mesh (to suit 2591 beam)$135PRFBM25
Fall Barrier Mesh (to suit 2743 beam)$145PRFBM27
Pallet Racking Timber Shelf$48PRTSNot pictured. Size 2720mm L x 900mm D.
Standard Pallet Racking Footplate$9PRFPA flate plate for the base of each upright
Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Footplate$16HPRFPA flate plate for the base of each upright
Pallet Racking Masonary Anchor$1.50PRMA
Bracing (diagonal/horizontal)$7PRB

Pallet Racking installation and Safety Inspections

Pallet racking by nature is designed to store large and heavy loads at heights which often occur in busy and potentially dangerous environments.

Your pallet racking will only work correctly if the loads are stored correctly and your pallet racking is kept in good condition. We recommend regular inspections of your racking to make sure it is safe and conforms to the Australian Standards and local Worksafe requirements

The integrity of your racking is your responsibility. Minor damage to your racking may seem insignificant but, in the event of a collision, could result in serious injury.

Quick guide to correct loading of pallet racking

Correct loading of pallets

Overloaded – not evenly distributed

Let us audit your pallet racking site

Statewide Racking offers our customers a pallet racking safety inspection 12 months after installation. We recommend 6 monthly inspections of your racking following your initial 12 month inspection. You can call our friendly, knowledgeable team at Statewide Racking for a comprehensive site visit or audit.

Be aware of your responsibilities under the new standard AS4084-2012. Contact us for advice.