gondola shelving

Gondola Shelving is widely used in a number of retail businesses such as supermarkets, chemists, hardware stores, discount stores, convenience stores etc. This type of shelf is available with many different hardware accessories, and in a range of configurations. The Gondola Shelving is fabricated using 0.8mm steel, the punched panels with 1mm steel. It is electrostatically powder coated white for a smooth and durable finish.

Our knowledgable salesteam will gladly assist you in devising a configuration that will work for your space.



Item DescriptionPriceProduct Code    
1500mm Single Side Post$30.90SG0010
1500mm Double Side Post$38.90SG0020
1800mm Single Side Post$36.90SG0030
2100mm Single Side Post$42.90SG0050
2100mm Double Side Post$50.90SG0060
Plastic cap for post$0.90SG0075
Cover Top$6.90SG0100
Top Joiner$8.90SG0110
Bottom Joiner$8.90SG0120
Volcano P/Panel 900x300x1mm$20.90SG0150
Volcano P/Panel 900x100x1mm$14.90SG0151
Shelf 350mmx0.8mm$24.90SG0200
Shelf 400mmx0.8mm$27.90SG0210
Shelf 450mmx0.8mm$29.90SG0220
Shelf Bracket 350mm$2.90SG0230
Shelf Bracket 400mm$3.90SG0240
Shelf Bracket 450mm$4.90SG0250
Wire Front 50mm x 900mm$4.90SG0300
Wire Divider 300mmW x 100mmH to suit 350mm shelf$3.90SG0310
Wire DivIder 350mmW x 100mmH to suit 400mm shelf$4.40SG0311
Wire Divider 400mmW x 100mmH to suit 450mm shelf$4.90SG0312
Basket 900W x 400D x 250H$45.90SG0330
Basket Divider$3.90SG0340
Data Strip 913 x 26mm CLEAR$2.90SG0380
Data Strip 913 x 26mm BLACK$2.90SG0382
Corner Shelf 240mm (suit 350mm Cnr)$23.90SGC610
Shelf 280mm (suit 400mm Cnr)$23.90SGC611
Shelf 320mm (suit 450mm Cnr)$23.90SGC612
Corner Volcano Punch Panel 790x300x1mm$20.90SGC702
Corner Volcano Punch Panel 790x100x1mm$14.90SGC703