Whether you are looking for shop display systems, medical use or home concepts, the ideas are endless!

We have a wide range of chrome wire shelving available for any application. Our Chrome wire shelving is appealing to the eye and used in a broad range of applications including hospitality, medical, retail and home use. Its open design allows for ventilation and limits the collection of dust particles.

Each level holds approximately 100kg and they are easily adjusted to suit your storage requirements. Individual levels can be purchased. Alternative post heights are available, ask our friendly sales staff for other options.


460mm x 460mm x 1800mm $149CWS4646
610mm x 460mm x 1800mm $179CWS6146
915mm x 460mm x 1800mm $199CWS9146
1220mm x 460mm x 1800mm$219CWS1246
1525mm x 460mm x 1800mm$249CWS1546
1829mm x 460mm x 1800mm$269CWS1846
610mm x 610mm x 1800mm$199CWS6161
915mm x 610mm x 1800mm $229CWS9161
1220mm x 610mm x 1800mm$259CWS1261
1525mm x 610mm x 1800mm$289CWS1561
1829mm x 610mm x 1800mm$319CWS1861

Chrome Shelving

Chrome Accessories

There are a range of accessories available for our chrome shelving. Talk to one of our knowledgeable team members about your requirements today!

CapacityDimensionsPriceProduct Code
40 Bottles900L X 350D X 900mm H$229CWR40
60 Bottles1200L x 350D x 900mm H$249CWR60

Divider DimensionsPriceProduct Code

We have a vast range!

See our Chrome Baskets page ►

Legde DimensionsPriceProduct Code
130 H x 450mm L$6.90CL45
130 H x 610mm L$8.90CL61
130 H x 910mm L$12.90CL91
130 H x 1200mm L$14.90CL120
130 H x 1500mm L$16.90CL150
130 H x 1820mm L$18.90CL182

Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels are the perfect solution to make your storage mobile. We stock a range of sizes and load rating caster wheels.
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