Chrome Baskets

Chrome Baskets

These quality chrome wire baskets are designed for a range of purposes, specifically within the medical industry. Other uses for these multi-purpose vessels include, though are not limited to; hobby products, retail display, home storage and small parts storage.

These baskets fit onto our slotwall range, and can also be utilised free standing on any surface. Also available for louvered panel.

150D x 300W x 130mm H

$20.79  CB15S


250D x 135W x 120mm H

$14.19  CB20S

Divider available $4.50  CBD20S

420D x 135W x 140mm H

$17.49  CB25S


250D x 205W x 160mm H

$17.49  CB30S

Divider available $4.50  CBD30S

150D x 600W x 130mm H

$30.69  CB35S


260D x 415W x 160mm H

$28.49  CB40S

Divider available $5.00  CBD40S

150D x 350W x 250mm H

$27.39  CB55S


410D x 420W x 216mm H

$50.49  CB60S

Divider available $6.00  CBD60S

600D x 130W x 135mm H

$30.69  CB70S

Divider available $4.50  CBD70S

130D x 150W x 600mm H

$30.69  CB80S


Label Holders

$2.20  LHM

Includes rings for attachment