Sterile Medical Storage

Statewide Racking have been heavily involved in the fit-outs of new and existing medical practices throughout Western Australia. These products are designed to reduce dust accumulation. The chrome plated mesh baskets offer a superior method of storage for the medical industry and any environment requiring a high level of cleanliness. Available to suit both slotwall and louvered panel.


Slotwall is a strong and versatile solution used in many applications. Ideal for displaying your merchandise or simply organising an area both in a commercial and domestic environment. The options are endless with a variety of slotwall hanging systems.

Height x LengthPriceProduct Code
2400L x 1200mm H$239SWW2412
2390L x 985mm H$209SWW2398
1990L x 985mm H $199SWW1998
1790L x 985mm H$169SWW1798
1490L x 985mm H $149SWW1498
1190L x 985mm H $129SWW1190
600L x 1200mm H $65SWW6012
470L x 985mm H$45SWW4798
400L x 1200mm H$39SWW4712

Slotwall is available in a range of colours.
Standard size sheet is 2400L x 1200mmL.
For other sizes in coloured slotwall, please contact our friendly sales team!

Chrome Wire Shelving

Our Chrome wire shelving is appealing to the eye and ideal for medical storage. Its open design allows for ventilation and limits the collection of dust particles.

Each level holds approximately 100kg and they are easily adjusted to suit your storage requirements. Individual levels can be purchased.

Alternative post heights are available, ask our friendly sales staff for other options.


460mm x 460mm x 1800mm $149CWS4646
610mm x 460mm x 1800mm $179CWS6146
915mm x 460mm x 1800mm $199CWS9146
1220mm x 460mm x 1800mm$219CWS1246
1525mm x 460mm x 1800mm$249CWS1546
1829mm x 460mm x 1800mm$269CWS1846
610mm x 610mm x 1800mm$199CWS6161
915mm x 610mm x 1800mm $229CWS9161
1220mm x 610mm x 1800mm$259CWS1261
1525mm x 610mm x 1800mm$289CWS1561
1829mm x 610mm x 1800mm$319CWS1861

Chrome Shelving

Chrome Baskets

150D x 300W x 130mm H

$20.79  CB15S


250D x 135W x 120mm H

$14.19  CB20S

Divider available $4.50  CBD20S

420D x 135W x 140mm H

$17.49  CB25S


250D x 205W x 160mm H

$17.49  CB30S

Divider available $4.50  CBD30S

150D x 600W x 130mm H

$30.69  CB35S


260D x 415W x 160mm H

$28.49  CB40S

Divider available $5.00  CBD40S

150D x 350W x 250mm H

$27.39  CB55S


410D x 420W x 216mm H

$50.49  CB60S

Divider available $6.00  CBD60S

600D x 130W x 135mm H

$30.69  CB70S

Divider available $4.50  CBD70S

130D x 150W x 600mm H

$30.69  CB80S


Label Holders

$2.20  LHM

Includes rings for attachment

Louvered Panel – two sizes available.

$39.00  LP455610  |  455W x 610H

$45.00  LP455914  |  455W x 914H

Louvered Panel